2018 BOOK: Commonwealth Button Fund - WWI Patriotic and Fundraising Badges (Code: 2852)

Era: 2010s
Product Type: Publication
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56 page colour catalogue of fundraising badges
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COMMONWEALTH BUTTON FUND WWI PATRIOTIC AND FUNDRAISING BADGES is a unique publication that helps preserve and recognize the tremendous efforts of good, kind hearted people to help one another through the difficult times of WWI. It also allows readers to appreciate the significant contribution of the organisation in collecting a total of over ?265,000. On each of 33 button days, spread over 5 years some 200,000 to 300,000 buttons were sold by around 750 collectors raising this impressive sum equivalent to $25 million in todays value. After many hours of research, the authors have been able to determine the correct buttons and the exact sequence issued by the Fund with the bulk of the information derived from the National Library of Australia?s website, Trove. This publication is designed for both badge collectors and people interested in Australia's social history during WWI. COMMONWEALTH BUTTON FUND WWI PATRIOTIC AND FUNDRAISING BADGES
ISBN 9780975607220
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