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Armenian Relief Fundraising Memorabilia (Code: 2814)

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Just Published Catalogue of items issued cWWI for the Armenian Relief, including from Australia, USA and GB. by N.Pezikian ISBN 9780975607213 Published July 2017
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Catalogue of fundraising memorabilia produced to help raise funds for the Armenian Relief efforts from 1896 to the 1930s. These include medals, pins and stamps. The A4 36 page saddle-stitched paperback publication has over 70 colour images. Each item is listed by category followed by country of origin with key details such as inscription, size, issued date, place, purpose and organisation. Translations, varieties and acknowledgments are also provided if applicable. The accompanying index outlines relevant references. Published in July 2017, the catalogue is a valuable and interesting reference for the collector, historian and researcher of Armenian Relief and international humanitarian activities during and after WWI.

Armenian Relief Fundraising Memorabilia by N.Pezikian

ISBN 9780975607213

Published by Victory Badges July 2017

National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry

Sample Image: Page 10 shows the layout and content of the catalogue